Enhance your strength training.

About bioMEX

bioMEX Interactive is a company that redefines the physical fitness market by providing an interactive training feedback system, utilizing robotic augmentation and artificial intelligence techniques, and allowing people to train efficiently while simultaneously providing quantifiable measures towards their training progress.


Tork is an easy-to-install strength training gadget, transforming your existing strength training machines into smart training systems. A disruptive solution for the industry, it is completely transparent, stand-alone and non-invasive to the equipment or the user thereof. It works in conjunction with most stack-based machines, securely mounting within the existing safety enclosure of the stack itself.


Use your phone or tablet to connect to Tork and get real-time feedback on your training, individually tuned to your capabilities and requirements. Boring strength training was yesterday. It provides you with multiple training regimes and online interaction with other Tork users both in real-time and offline.

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